Miguel PLATERO, was born in Madrid. His career as a professional painter began in 1989 during the drawing classes at the School of Architects of Madrid and later in the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Since then he has practiced both professions: master in painting and qualified architect.
In 2007 he established his studio and workshop in Warsaw.

For more than 25 years, Platero has been developing his artistic career with great presence in the international arena, only in Poland he exhibits in:

  • Pawilon Kulturalny, Warsaw
  • Fawory, Warsaw
  • Sztuki Hall, Warsaw
  • MCC Mazurkas Conference Center, Warsaw
  • Duży Pokój, Warsaw
  • Marriott, Warsaw
  • Gallery Kotlownia, Garwolin

In Spain:

  • Movart Gallery: February-March 2018.